Recorded Presentations from the 42nd National Conference are Now Available for Purchase!

Recorded Presentations from the 41st National Conference

You may also browse past conference recordings via links below or use the search function above.

Autism Society records most keynote and concurrent sessions at their annual conferences. You can see and hear those recordings by purchasing the full conference DVD, which includes online access, or by purchasing online access only to individual recordings. See format options for help deciding what to buy. There are many buying options:

Preconference 'Early Bird' Pricing
-valid until end of this year's conference-
Purchase OptionMemberNon MemberRegistrantMember/RegistrantNon Member
DVD (Includes Full Online Access)$149.99$199.99$99.99 $99.99$149.99
Full Online Access$99.99$149.99$64.99 $64.99$114.99
Individual Recordings (ONLINE ACCESS ONLY)$15$20$15n/an/a

Playback of the multimedia recordings requires a computer. Whether viewed online or on DVD, you will see the speaker's slides in sync with the audio recording. To see an example of the multimedia format, click on The Autism-Mercury Connection by Prof. James Adams (or, for a different opinion, Thimerosal and Autism, presented by Dr. Sarah Parker at CDC's 2005 National Immunization Conference). Requires free Webex player, which your web browser should install automatically with your permission.).

The multimedia recordings are augmented with mp3 (audio only) and PDF (slides only) versions of the presentations, so you can easily view or listen to the presentations away from a computer.

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